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What are 3D Fabricated Sign Letters?

3D fabricated sign letters are customized to fit with your business brand. However, there is more to creating best-in-class 3d signage than simply arranging the letters in the correct order. It is about making them form the right image; they need to have a specific style and fit the tone of your business, and they can even be made from your brand colours. At DPS, we believe in the whole process and will work with you from design to manufacturing and finally installation. A few of the 3D fabricated signs we will produce for you include:

  • Stainless steel letters
  • Fabricated LED letters
  • Complete signage design and installation
  • 3D illuminated letters
  • Brass, copper and aluminum letters
  • Illuminated signage

3D Laser Cut Letters With 2pac Finish

If you have your font supplied for the lettering or your logo, we can cut your letters using our laser cutters. These signs can be cut from several different products, including acrylic or aluminum. After cutting, the signs are painted using our quality 2pac paint in a PMS color of your choice.

These signs can be installed on a flat surface, and with larger signs, we’ll attach pins to be embedded into a wall for installation. Our PMS colour matching ensures you are maintaining your brand coloring. In addition, the 2pac paint is highly durable and will give your sign the perfect finish.

Illuminated 3D Signs, Letters and Logos

At DPS Signs, we can produce 3D signs, letters, and logos in a wide assortment of applications. The exact sign you choose may depend on what you’re looking to achieve and where it will be located. In addition, you can look at your existing signs and consider what will work best for your brand for the best result. If you need assistance in choosing a look or are seeking to upgrade your existing signs to 3d signage, please give our team a call on 1300 448 608.

3d Lettering Signage

All 3d signs are entirely custom made and unique to each client. We can show examples of what your sign may appear like as a 3d sign. All signs are made in our workshop using the latest in available machinery fitted for “three dimensional sign” design. After your design has been finalized, we’ll keep you updated as the sign goes through the manufacturing process. After manufacturing, our installation team can deliver the signs and install them. All 3d signs are supplied with backing tape and easy to install instructions, if you’d rather install the signs yourself. However, it may be best to hire a qualified installer to complete the job for more complex 3d lettering signs.

Common Sign Types for 3D Letters

  • Stainless Steel – perfect for reception and outdoor signage.
  • Acrylic – these are laser cut for the best precision.
  • Aluminum – lightweight and best for places out of reach.
  • Polystyrene – these are lightweight and can be painted. If used outside, these can be coated in urethane for protection and to make them last longer.

Custom 3D Signage Design

There are many different applications for 3D letter signs. Some places that you can consider installing these signs include:

  • For wayfinding about your business.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use and customizable to suit any brand.
  • From small-sized to oversized lettering for use on buildings, in movies, at photoshoots, etc.

DPS can craft your sign quickly with our fast cutting, printing and design services. If you have a sign in mind, call our team on 1300 448 608 to discuss your project. It’s no surprise when folks search for 3d signage companies in Sydney and land on us. We love the technology!

At DPS, we strongly believe that lightbox signs have many uses in business, and they can be installed on the inside and outside of most buildings. All our lightboxes are manufactured in our Australian workshop and are of the highest quality. They are made with all the internal lighting installed, an aluminium and steel body (unless noted), with the panels being made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or a flex face banner. It’s these panels that you can have printed with any design or text of your choice. As our lightboxes are custom made, they can be constructed to your specific measurements and the size you choose is generally limited by your budget. If you’re looking for a lightbox sign, backlit sign or other type of advanced signage, call us. Illuminated lightboxes are a fantastic method for displaying your business to your community at any time, day or night. You can use traditional lettering or add in 3D lettering for an extreme professional look. Lightboxes we produce have advanced LED technology as the lighting source. LEDs have many advantages over other lighting options, including a longer lifespan and not producing any noxious gases, and are cheaper to run; they are the best option to reduced environmental impac

3d Lettering Signage form
Different type of lightboxes

Standard Light Box


Rounded Light Box


Full Acrylic Light Box


Large Size Light Box


Push Through Letters


Portable Light Box

Why DPS Signage
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Quick Turnaround

We provide ourselves on achiving realistic deadlines for our customers' project

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We have a professional team to install the signage across the nation.

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Our Signage team have a great idea and good decision maker for all the process of the work.

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Professional design team will design the entire work with the mockup presentation.

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In-hose printing designing and making the finishing quality work and lead times maintaining consiste...

Benefits of Useing Light Boxes

Benefits of Using Light Boxes
Benefits of Useing Light Boxes
Things To Consider When Installing Custom Light Boxes In Sydney

Things To Consider When Installing Custom Light Boxes In Sydney

Things To Consider When Installing Custom Light Boxes In Sydney

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